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About Salesoar

The mission of Salesoar is to empower digital agencies and advertisers to maximize their success by providing them with the tools and resources they need to optimize their SEM advertising budgets and strategies.

We strive to deliver cutting-edge MarTech SaaS solutions that will help our clients reach their goals and achieve their desired results.

Over the years we built both Automation and Monitoring Tools that will prevent any Advertiser from wasting resources, budget and time on missed opportunities in their SEM campaigns.

Our story

We are a tech-driven MarTech SaaS company founded in 2015 with the mission of helping e-commerce and classifieds websites focus on the strategy and optimization of their advertising budget without wasting time on long operational tasks.

We started by developing our own internal tools for our own websites and have since grown to provide our services to clients ranging from small businesses to large public companies in different verticals such as fashion, real-estate, food, retail and electronics, managing more than 100 million euros of yearly advertising budget.

  • We are a MarTech SaaS Company founded in2015 that supports e-commerces and classifieds websites to focus on strategyand optimization of advertising budget without losing time in long operationaltasks
  • We work with both SMBs and publiccompanies managing WW 100M+ EUR of yearly advertising budget in differentverticals: fashion, real-estate, food, retail and electronics
  • We are a certified Google Partner withunlimited API access to Google Ads and Google CSS certified partner

As a certified Google Partner, we have unlimited API access to Google Ads and are a Google CSS certified Premium Partner, giving our clients access to the best resources to maximize their success with their advertising campaigns.

Our commitment to our clients, our industry expertise, and our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions has made us a respected and trusted international player in MarTech SaaS solutions ecospace. We are proud of the work we do and are always striving to provide our clients with the highest quality services possible.

If our automation and monitoring tools are not enough to meet your needs, we can build custom, data-driven solutions to help you solve any of your SEM problems.

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